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ATOL Certificate and Advanced Passenger Information

After logging in to your booking below, you will be taken to a new screen from where you will have the option of
printing out an ATOL Certificate or entering your APIS details.

ATOL Certificate.

The ATOL Certificate is an important document which confirms that your money is protected by the ATOL scheme and that you can get home if your travel company collapses. This Certificate sets out how the ATOL scheme will protect the people named on it for the parts of their trip listed in the ATOL Certificate. By issuing an ATOL Certificate, under Regulation 17 of the Civil Aviation (Air Travel Organisers' Licensing) Regulations 2012, Villa Centre Holidays Ltd. (GIC-The Villa Collection) confirms that the trip to which it applies is sold in line with the ATOL held by the company.

APIS - Advance Passenger Information.

Advanced Passenger Information (passport data) is now a mandatory requirement for anybody travelling into and out of the UK. We need to collect this information from all our passengers on behalf of the carrier, who is legally required to provide it as part of the check-in process.

It is important that the information provided is accurate so that you are not delayed through immigration on arrival.

Please enter your booking ref. and the lead passenger's surname to logon.

Booking ref. (Starting with 'A' followed by 6 digits e.g. A000000)
Lead pax surname. (e.g. Smith)

Please note: The information you are about to provide will be passed on directly to the relevant airline and kept for no more than 10 years by the British Government. It will be protected in keeping with the Data Protection Act, and appropriate security controls will ensure it is not used or accessed incorrectly. It will be given only to organisations that are legally authorised, in order to carry out official duties.
Your details will be destroyed by us on your return to the UK.