To book please call 020 8568 4499


Need more leg room on your flight or want to select your seat?

Need more leg room on your flight? This is available in seats next to the emergency exit or at the front of the aircraft by the bulkhead. Or would you prefer a window or aisle seat? It is even possible to choose your actual seat number.
Choosing your seat, purchasing extra luggage allowance or if you need to take sporting equipment with you, pre-booking is a lot less expensive than paying for it on the day at check in.

(If you plan to take sports equipment, please liaise with our reservations team on 020 8232 9780 because there may be limits placed by our overseas coach providers.)

Travel Extras are now available to book through Meridian Fly, the UK General Sales Agent for Small Planet Airlines. You can book via their website or by calling their call centre on 0845 241 9615